These Wildlife Rangers Devise A Risky Plan That Will Reunite This Elephant With His Herd

Wildlife rangers have quite the exciting and rewarding jobs, but they’re bound to carry some difficulties based on the line of work. Whether they’re saving animals from poachers or dangerous situations, there’s a lot of responsibility that goes along with this position and it’s crucial that rangers are always doing their part to keep their animals safe.

The Sera Wildlife Conservation in Kenya has some of the most dedicated wildlife rangers around. Not only do they protect large, predatory creatures, but they also have to prevent the illegal hunting of these animals as best they can. The land in Kenya is vast and beautiful, and makes a perfect spot for a habitat that allows animals to thrive. However, it takes a lot of effort to cover such a large area of land, and the rangers have to be prepared for anything.

When a baby elephant fell into a well and was separated from his herd, the rangers knew they needed to act fast if they were going to bring him back to his group. They managed to rescue the baby from the well, but realized shortly after that the herd had left him behind! The elephant couldn’t go off and wander on his own; he could end up hurt again, or he could become a victim of poaching.

The rangers took a risk and tied the elephant to a tree so that he would stay put in the hopes that his family would come back for him. They didn’t know if their plan would work, but it was the only option they had! Hours passed and the sun began to set, with the rangers losing hope. Just as they were about to pack up for the day, the baby’s ears perked up. What was he noticing?

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