Willie Nelson’s Son Sings ‘Always on My Mind’ and Holy Cow… He Sounds Like His Dad

WIllie Nelson's SoneLukas Nelson, Willie Nelson’s son, is part of a rock and roll band called Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real which currently tour the country.  They recently performed at a local small venue for a few fans. 

Nelson was asked to perform songs by the fans, and he would sing what they asked.  Then one patron asked for him to sing his father’s hit song “Always on My Mind.”  Lukas accepted the challenge. 

The music starts and Lukas immediately starts the song and he sounds remarkably like his father.  His country voice echoed throughout the venue and had fans in awe. 

Willie Nelson's Son

The pianist and the backup band did a good job, but it was Lukas that stole the show.  To our delight, there was a short, soulful trumpet solo that punctuated the somber mood, carrying the piece to another level.

When Nelson broke out into the part of the song where he is to whistle, this really drew the crowd to applause.  Smiles are seen on the faces of everyone watching this great performance.

The original of this song was released by Willie Nelson over thirty-five year’s ago but is still a big hit with country and western music lovers. You can see that Willie has passed down his musical skills to his son and Lukas will become a star on his own without being in the shadow of his father.

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Willie Nelson’s Son Sings \'Always on My Mind\' and Holy Cow... He Sounds Like His Dad