‘Wings’ – An Animated Short Film About Friendship and a Mouse Who Dreams To Fly

In a time where kid’s animation series’ are all about monsters and foul attitude and speaking creatures, the beautifully animated short film, “Wings”, by Casey McDonald (School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, USA) with is wonderful, old value, ring to it, entertains like a fresh breeze again.

‘Wings’ address some of those principles and fears responsible parents try to address in the upbringing of their young children. As the visuals are only complimented by music, lessons learned are clear, pure and easily understandable for children from a very young age.

The little mouse who wanted to fly and bird it befriended, due to an accident, are well-drawn and soft creatures one immediately feels attracted and drawn to and easy for children to identify with. Although it is a short film (only 6 min.), Casey achieves the impression of relationship development over time very well in her film.

Principles like kindness, friendship, and the fear of being left behind are all addressed in Wings. Moms, be ready to have to play it more than once for the little one…