Witness Nature’s Drama When Elephants Cross Paths with Lions


A place in South Africa called Herd, an elephant orphanage recorded the walk home with all the elephants walking past a dam with their silhouettes casting on the water in the sunlight. The dam was replenished by the rains recently. The caregiver behind the camera names each elephant for us as they come into view.


Pisa leads the pack, while Sebakwe is the caboose. Sebakwe is also the biggest elephant in the herd. Khanyisa is the smallest in the herd. She is still being bottle-fed, while the others are getting grass-fed.


During the walk to the homestead, they pass some zebras and a pride of lions lying near a tree, they come within 100 meters of the lions, but everything stays peaceful. They made it to the homestead where Reply was waiting for Khanyisa with three bottles full of milk. She joyfully gallops over to him, picks the first one up, sucks it down, and moves on to the next two.


After finishing off three bottles, Khsnyisa is seen playing with the feet of the caregiver behind the camera. She giggles and they move on to get Khanyisa to the grass area where the other elephants are waiting for her. She finds a snack on the way there and chomps on it. It is so humbling to see caregivers for these creatures. Share this video to show your appreciation.

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Witness Nature\'s Drama When Elephants Cross Paths with Lions