A Wolf Puppy, A Tiger Cub, And A Cute Baby Chimp Play Together For The First Time. AWW!

You’ve probably have guessed it before, but in case you haven’t spent a while watching our adorable videos, you have to know that we love animals of different species being best friends more than almost anything. Videos like the one below remind us that conflict is but a dumb pastime, and that if we just put our differences to the side, we can get along even if we’re totally different from each other, all together! The cute video here shows a baby chimp, a wolf puppy, and a tiger cub, all playing together and having a blast. If you love animals like I do, you’ll instantly fall in love with this video.

I keep replaying it over and over, but it doesn’t get any less cute any time! They’re hardly best friends, seeing that they’re only meeting for the very first time right now, but they are already psyched to play together. They don’t even have the same amount of feet, and yet they all roll around the grass and play together just like toddlers in a playground would. My heart melted when I saw the little tiger playing with the wolfie, and the chimp is just as cute as they can get!

Watch this heart-melting baby animal video just below, you won’t regret it!

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