Kind-hearted woman adopts tiny dog with special needs

Kit ran the Florida Yorkie Rescue Shelter, where she took care of dogs with special needs. Recently she got a call from one of the dog owners. Their dog had recently given birth to a puppy who was not healthy.

Rescued dog

They had decided to put him down and wanted to consult Kit about the puppy. Kit took the puppy in immediately. She thought that the puppy, Toby, was perfect even if he had some challenges.

Toby was accidentally bred. His mother was very tiny. So, he suffered from hydrocephalus, which meant water in the brain. As a result, his head was pretty swollen and was practically heavier than the whole body.

Rescued dog

When Kit brought him, he weighed just 16 ounces. His hind legs didn’t work. She tried to get as much sensation as she could back into the legs by therapy and exercises.

However, she didn’t think that they’d be normal again. Walkin’ Pets recently offered Kit a wheelchair for Toby. It was specially designed for the puppy and was the tiniest wheelchair the company had ever made.

Rescued dog

Kit even observed that there was a problem with Toby’s gums. So, she went to a vet to determine if the puppy’s mouth was forming correctly. Kit found Toby very pleasant and happy.

Toby had to take a lot of medication to survive, but as long as he was receptive to having a good life, Kit was happy to help the little one. She had taken care of other special needs dogs before. One of them, named Tootsie, survived on injection all her life. However, she was happy. Kit’s main motto is to embrace challenges and not to back down.

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