Woman and her horses dance to Blanco’s ‘The Git Up’

A woman stands by her miniature horse and begins to give him gentle scratches, which the horse absolutely loves and adores. He seems relaxed and excited as they prepare themselves.

Blanco’s “The Git Up,” is playing and they begin their entertaining yet simple dance. The horse shows a lot of coordination and grace for an animal that doesn’t get to dance much.

The woman uses hand gestures and light taps on specific spots of the horse to tell him what moves to do. The horse follows happily, stepping to the left and right, spinning around, laying down, and even bowing.

At first, there is only one horse, but then she appears with another one. Two miniature horses, one on either side of her. They spin when she asks them to.

The small horses aren’t the only ones along for the dance. She has the big ones move along with her as well. They walk to the sides and move elegantly.

As the dance is ending the woman starts mouthing the words to the song. She even has a cup of coffee in her hands as she lovingly tends to her horses.

For their finale they show off a few more moves of sidestepping and spinning, then they finally end with a bow. If there was a live audience there would definitely be cheering.

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Woman and her horses dance to Blanco’s \'The Git Up\'