Woman Berates Customer and Bagger. I Loved What The Cashier Said Next. OMG!

We’ve all been there, stuck in line behind either a person who is ridiculously slow in paying, a new cashier who is learning all the buttons, or a bagger who seems to put each item in at a speed of a snail. There may be a time that we want to roll our eyes or snarl something. What is that going to achieve except to make you look like a jerk? A woman in this video learned a valuable lesson.

The video is all text. A woman who is a regular at a store is in line to get some items. The bagger is a person with Down Syndrome. The woman behind the regular is impatient and starts berating both the regular and the bagger. She gets really mean and the cashier finally speaks up, refusing her service for her shoddy treatment of both the regular and the bagger. The woman explodes and a police officer has to be called. The kicker? The bagger is afraid the regular won’t come back. She assures him she will.

I have been to stores where some employees have been people with Down Syndrome or another disability. They have been the kindest, hard-working people I’ve seen. I don’t understand how someone could be this rude to a bagger like that. While the story may have been made up, I’m sure that a similar scenario has happened, though I’m not sure the cashier would have stood up for the bagger.

It seems like we’re living in a time where people have less patience and tolerance for those with special needs. It’s a shame since these people with disabilities need to be respected, not reviled. It’s not fair to them, they deserve a lot better. I have a feeling I know who the woman in this video would vote for, fictional or not.

Have you ever encountered a snide customer like this? I hope you’re not reading this in jail after you punched them. Just kidding. We’d love to hear your stories. Feel free to leave a comment below!

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