Woman Hears Dog Cries, Tracks The Noise To Her Neighbor’s Apartment And Saves Abused Puppy

A topic that has been sadly popular lately is related to animal abuse. This is a horrific crime that comes from people who are pure evil. Why would someone get a pet with the sole intention of abusing it is not only shocking but makes me wonder what kind of society we have become. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be quite a common occurrence.

We have all heard the horror stories that many of these pets go through. We never think that this can happen right where we live. What this woman would discover was not only shocking but needed immediate action. Fortunately, there are still people in this world who are willing to take on huge risks and step up to the plate to do the right thing. It is only thanks to people like Heather that dogs and puppies around the world get a much-needed second chance.

Heather loves cats and dogs. She has particularly wanted to get a dog recently. She had one when she was growing up and adopted him since he was a puppy. They had a lot of adventures and the dog had a very happy life. When it was time for her to say goodbye, she was sad.

She knew, on the other hand, that her dog had always been happy. He had been one of the dogs that get to live a very happy life. A life far from abuse and negative things. It took her some time, but she was finally able to let go. As many dog owners, she decides to take a break to sort out her feelings and that everything sink-in. One evening she was at home when she started hearing something that troubled her.

She would hear what seemed to be dog cries every afternoon. She had no idea where they were coming from. She lived in an apartment building and doubted anyone had a dog. The apartments didn’t have that much space. Having a dog under those conditions represented a big challenge. If the landlord allowed you to have one, you would need to exercise the dog and do all sorts of things.

She started to get very anxious. These cries would be heard continuously through the days and nights. She decides to investigate where they are coming from. After a lot of searching, she finally finds the source of the commotion. She gets help from the police and goes into the apartment. What she sees breaks her heart. Fortunately for the dog there, he gets to have a happy ending thanks to Heather.