Woman Lays Young Baby On Her Back. What She Does To Relax Her Is Astounding.

Nearly every parent has faced down this nightmare – a baby who WILL NOT SLEEP. Try as you might, rocking, singing, walking around, driving in a car seat, warm milk… nope. He or she seems asleep, you gently lay the baby in the crib, take a tentative step or two outside the room. “W..W…WAHHHHHH!” Sigh. Tranquilizer darts are out of the question. But here’s a video about foot reflexology that might help those parents.

We see a baby named Luna who is listed as being 1.5 months old. She’s a cutie. The massage therapist, named Floor, is doing the treatment. We just see her hands and then occasionally Luna’s mommy’s hands as she tries it out too. She gently presses on parts of the baby’s soles, rotates her legs gently and rubs her legs Apparently, it worked, since Luna’s mommy said she got the most sleep since she was born.

Luna is SO comfortable during this video. Yes, there are times that she’s jerking a bit, but that’s normal for any baby. I remember dreading those movements on the monitor. It meant my kid was going to wake up. Maybe if I’d done the foot massage on him he would have stayed asleep longer. Oh well. I always learn about these things too late, darn it.

Massage and reflexology have been around for thousands of years. This is not new, but it’s cool to see how it works. It’s worth a shot for sleep-deprived parents to try this out, though I would probably recommend having an expert do this at the first time to show you what areas to massage and how to rotate the hips and to rub the legs too. Trial-by-error is not a way to go here, for sure.

Have you tried this with your baby? What have been your results? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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