This Wedding Dance Is So Magical It Will Leave You Thinking It Is All An Illusion

A wedding can certainly put you in a mood for magic. Many weddings may be high stress, but this has more of a soulful feeling to it. The bride and groom finally get to share their connection and loving bond with the world in a grand debut. To be Mr. and Mrs., together for the first time.

Thanks to modern technology, we can capture these amazing moments and displays. Some newlyweds decide to do a gimmick or a theme to enhance the experience for others while simultaneously strengthening the bond they created. Many themes are quirky, fun, and classy. When you see Justin and Jillian’s wedding, I think you’ll agree they really pulled a rabbit out of their hat.


Everyone seemed shocked by their dance, as well as the song of choice. Throughout their cherished first dance as Mr. and Mrs., the two are grinning ear-to-ear. You can feel the tender love and care that they feel for each other- it’s that powerful.

The billowing dress was made to be twirled, and Justin is appropriately dressed in a bowtie and overalls. Clearly, he needs fitted tailored clothes. They seem to have gone for a more “down south” feeling, despite being held in California. The decorations are really something, man they put in so much work.


If a good magician waits to reveal his ace in the hole, then I’d say these two are ahead of the game. Watch their very magical dance in the video below; I am sure like me, you will be left with mouth agape at the end.

This Wedding Dance Is So Magical It Will Leave You Thinking It Is All An Illusion