Woman Waits To Reunited With Siblings She Hasn’t Seen Since 1940’s. What An Amazing Story.

Suppose you found out that you had siblings that you had no idea existed before. What would you do? Would you try to meet them or would you just figure that you had lived as you had for so long that it really didn’t make sense to try to meet them at this point in life? Would you worry that introducing them into your life might open the door for them to try to hit you up for money sometime later, using the “We’re Family” argument? Well, Sandi, the woman in this video decided to take the plunge.

First, a little backstory. Sandi’s mother met an officer during World War II… a married officer. They had an affair and Sandi was the result of it. The war ended and her mother wound up going to the officer’s house, with Sandi in her arms, in desperation, since she didn’t have anything. The officer’s wife could have been cruel and turned her away. Her mother didn’t shake the officer down for child support… she just asked if she could leave Sandi there while she went to get a job.

The officer’s wife agreed and Sandi spent some time there with the family, including the officer’s children. Soon Sandi’s mother came back and took her… and since she was a baby, she only had hazy memories. Time went by, and she finally decided to track them down. It must have been a shock to be contacted after all these years. They agreed to the reunion, and that’s where the video really starts, with Sandi, now 70, standing nervously at her door for the meeting.

It all goes so smoothly, with all of them seeming to have known each other for decades, not mere minutes. They hug and chat with easy camaraderie. It’s all quite emotional and I have no idea what was going on in their minds when they were gathered together. There must have been a flood of memories for all involved. It’s not like they could hold their father’s infidelity against Sandi. I hope this opened the doors for many more meetings between them – life is far too short to hold grudges.

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