Woman’s boyfriend struggles to befriend possessive bird with hilarious results

Adorable bird and man

A bird can be a lovely companion, especially if you stay alone at home. This proved to be valid for a young woman. She had a bird named Dusty, who simply adored her.

Adorable bird

The owner and the bird would communicate in their own unique language. Dusty would roam around the house as if he was the owner. He would also search for Kerri, the owner if she was nowhere to be found.

Dusty loved to be a part of everything in Kerry’s life. He would sit on her shoulders while she worked from home and also share her bowl of popcorn. Sometimes, Dusty would also tap at some of the keyboards on her laptop.

Adorable bird and man

Kerry soon had Ryan in her life as her boyfriend. He came over to stay with Kerry at her home, which was not liked by Dusty. The bird did everything he could to prove his hate towards Ryan.

Ryan would often try to please Dusty but in vain. The bird would peck at his hands and irritate Ryan in every possible way. Ryan would often beg Kerri to save him from the bird’s wrath.

Adorable bird and man

Soon Ryan understood that Dusty couldn’t whistle. This gave him an idea to calm the bird and also win his confidence. So Ryan would often whistle while with Dusty. This seemed to have a calming effect on the bird.

Dusty soon started to imitate Ryan, and the two soon went along well with each other. Dusty soon learned the art of whistling, and the two men in Kerri’s life became friends.

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Woman\'s boyfriend struggles to befriend possessive bird with hilarious results