World’s Largest Truck Stop Brings In Millions of Visitors Annually

Going on a road trip with a good group of friends or your loved ones is a great way to see the United States. Whether your destination is the white sandy beaches of Miami or the towering trees of the Pacific Northwest, there’s something to see along the way.

One of the most essential things about road trips is where you stop to fill up on gas and snacks. The Iowa 80 Truck Stop, located in Walcott, Iowa, is the largest in the world and is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

It’s been remodeled over 20 times since it was first built and seemed to get bigger and bigger continuously. Visitors can enjoy the movie theater, chiropractic center, and even the built-in dentist office. There’s truly nothing that the iconic truck stop doesn’t have for visitors to enjoy.

There are eight different restaurants to choose from, a barber, 24 private showers, and a doggy daycare; it will feel as if you’re visiting a tourist attraction. Anyone planning a trip through Iowa should add the Iowa 80 Truck Stop to their list.