X-Factor Contestant Brings Some Edge To “Hallelujah,” And The Judges LOVE IT

The judges look less than impressed when this father announces that he’ll be performing one of the most covered songs in recent history. However, after he hits the first note, even Simon Cowell is left speechless.

“Hallelujah” was first released by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen back in 1984 on his “Various Positions” album. However, the tune wouldn’t make it big until John Cale’s 1991 rendition.

The version most of us are familiar with, though, is actually L.A. session player Jeff Buckley’s 1994 chart-topping single. Since Buckley’s intimate rendition stole our hearts, the melody has been recorded and performed by over 300 different musical artists.

In this 2012 X Factor audition, American contestant Jeffery Adam Gutt pulls out the masterpiece once again for the most beautiful reason. According to Gutt, the sole motivation behind his audition is to support his 4-year-old son. And this is one performance any kid would be proud of.