Parrot’s Devotion To His Stuffed Toy Is So Cute, You’ll Want to Give Him the Hug He’s Asking For

ParrotParrots can become very tame and they are brilliant mimics. Parrot parents can teach their birds a variety of words and sentences and the pets can repeat back the phrases at the most hilarious moments.

This proud parrot parent managed to record her bird, Bowie, as he struts his stuff to impress his beloved stuffed toy.

ParrotDespite the fact that there is another parrot nearby, Bowie comes down from his cage and leaving the other bird behind, he moves off along the windowsill until he comes across a stuffed animal.

Bowie appears to adore his little green buddy, snuggling and saying over and over again, “I love you”, interspersed with, “Give me a hug!”. His devotion to his stuffed toy is so cute, you just want to give him the hug he’s asking for.

After professing his love for his toy, Bowie begins to play games with it. He ducks down his little head then pops up to his full height saying, “Peekaboo!”. I’m not sure how his owner recording his antics could keep from laughing, it certainly brought a smile to my face. If you enjoy Bowie’s quirky sense of humor and playful games, share his video with all your animal-loving friends.

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Parrot\'s Devotion To His Stuffed Toy Is So Cute, You\'ll Want to Give Him the Hug He’s Asking For