You can walk through the apartment from ‘The Bob Newhart Show’ in this virtual tour

American TV viewers loved ‘The Bob Newhart Show.’ The sitcom series ran from 1972 to 1978 with a total of 142 half-hour episodes spanning six seasons. Comedian Bob Newhart portrayed a psychologist facing humorous situations.

The show was filmed live in front of an audience. This video gives you all access to Bob Newhart’s show apartment and office. You can see the home that Bob and Emily Hartley, played by Bob Newhart and Suzanne Pleshette, lived in.

Host Marina Coates takes us through a 3D rendering of Bob’s office. On the TV show, we only saw a few walls, but thanks to computers, we are able to see the complete office layout.

We also see the reception area, which did not butt up against the office wall as previously suggested. The one office wall moved and became the backdrop for the receptionist area.

Mariane tells us that Bob’s humorous style became an overnight success. His first comedy album was recorded at his first comedy gig. He was a situational comic, like when he would dress up in bill-paying clothes every time he wrote checks!

Next, we see Bob and Emily’s apartment. All the walls are seen, unlike in the TV series. The same set designer worked on Bob’s show that did ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show.’

We even get to see Bob’s den, which Marina describes as ‘mysterious.’ The bedroom was also iconic because Bob and Emily were one of the first TV couples to share a bed together. This episode of ‘Behind the Scenes’ was a wonderful journey through the complete sets of one of TV’s funniest shows.

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You can walk through the apartment from \'The Bob Newhart Show\' in this virtual tour