You’ll Laugh Nonstop At This Funniest’ Family’ Skit Yet!

The Carol Burnett Show hosted one of the funniest skits in history, with the family game of charades shown here playing out hilariously. Mama, Eunice, Ed, and Mickey appear here delivering a series of quips, comments and facial expressions that’ll make you laugh your head off.

It’s only these four talented television personalities that can make a dysfunctional family look like so much fun. Their hysterical insults and incredible on-screen chemistry make this the funniest game of charades ever. Their timing is impeccable, with every part of the scene reminding us of what made the show’s humor so incredible.

Carol Burnett playing Eunice in this ‘family charades’ sketch, will bring back memories while making you laugh harder than you have in a long time. Every guest appearing in this highly-relatable skit is a true comedic legend, with the antics proving exactly what made each of them so famous in the 70s.

You\'ll Laugh Nonstop At This Funniest\' Family\' Skit Yet!