Young boy standing alone in music shop, opens his mouth to sing…I got chills, WOW!

Since Internet became so widespread, we have been bombarded with tons of content from all directions. Before Internet, though, the only way for something to surprise you were either reading it in a book of going to the cinema and catching a movie. We would then go to our friends and describe it as best we could, there was nothing like imagination back then, that’s the only thing we had back then.

So, after so many videos that we have seen and still see on a daily basis, it is very difficult for something to shock us. That was about to change a music store owner, whose day was just as typical as any other, that is until Brendan MacFarlane and his father walked in the store.

They stuck in the guitar section, where the owner happened to be, when they asked the owner if they could perform a song for everyone, Brendan’s father in the guitar while Brendan would be singing, the owner said it was okay, Brendan’s dad grabbed a guitar and Brendan positioned himself to start singing.

The music starts playing and Brendan starts hitting those notes and the owner’s jaw drops, he can’t simply believe what his ears are hearing. He asks them to stop, so he can get someone in the store to film this because otherwise, his friends are not going to believe it. The reason the music store owner is so shocked is that Brendan’s voice sounds so much older. He has an impressive range, tone, and volume very uncharacteristic for his age.

Brendan seems to feel very comfortable singing in front of an audience, even if the music store can only offer a small one, but it makes you think that he’s had this talent for a long time, probably since he was born because he seems so at ease, it seems to come very natural for him, just as it is natural for you and me to talk or type.

Once the other person has the phone camera and the music starts playing, Brendan starts his song again, “Just another day”, a classic blues song that’s filled with tricky parts and very high notes. Everyone in the store suddenly goes quiet, they all want to get a chance to listen to what seems to defy the odds. Brendan starts hitting each and every note without making a mistake or sounding off-tune. Even after Brendan has stopped singing, the owner can’t still believe what he has just witnessed. He congratulates Brendan and tells him he will be going places. This is something worth listening to.