Young couple arguing in their car, moments later their fight takes an unexpected turn

The names Kristin and Danny Adams may not be familiar to you, but I can assure you that after you watch the crack-up-clip below, you are going to be huge fans of the couple’s sense of humor. Kristen and Danny were married in 2008. She was a television host and presenter and he was a comedian and stuntman for many sporting commercials. They met when both were working in Los Angeles and had quite successful careers. Kristin first came to the countries attention when she auditions for “American Idol” where she would eventually become runner-up. She is probably best remembered for her unfortunate incident on the show where she was so excited to thank Pula Abdul that she slipped over and ended up underneath the judge’s desk. Maybe this was a sign of what her future would hold, becoming one of the most watched comediennes on YouTube.

In the February of 2016, Kristin and Danny posted a lip-sync video on YouTube that went viral. As Kristin says “It completely changed our lives” this clip has so far had over 300 million views and set them on a course to internet super-stardom. “We have nearly 1-million people on our internet community,” she says, “We are passionate about creating family-friendly content where God is always welcome”. And they have succeeded in achieving their goal.

The first video that they posted on YouTube was a take-off of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” that was seen by their ten-friends on YouTube at the time. They had so much fun making it, and with the encouragement of those who had seen it, they decided to make another. And the rest is history. In May of 2016, they moved to Danny’s hometown of Indianapolis where they concentrated on their video productions and the home-schooling of their two children Harper and Holt.

In the video featured here, they make out like a couple having an argument in their car. Then the music starts and they lip-sync their way through a number of classic love songs that will have you in stitches. Not happy with miming to the songs, they also utilize different costumes as props to reinforce the humor of the whole piece. Different characters range from Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Elton John and Kiki Dee. Aerosmith, Sonny and Cher and a myriad of other colorful personalities.

The video itself is just a wonderful piece of fun that you will completely enjoy, and I think you will be visiting the Kristin and Danny YouTube channel over and over again as they keep you entertained in their own unique comedy style. They certainly are a very different act that has carved for themselves an audience of millions of follower’s worldwide.