Young Woman Reacts When Hearing The Righteous Brothers for the First Time

Do you remember when you heard The Righteous Brothers for the first time? It may have been on the radio, in concert, or possibly recently on a streaming service. Many people are shocked the first time they hear these talented gentlemen sing.

Considered one of the best vocal acts of all time, The Righteous Brothers were introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. Like any other artist, there are still people out there who’ve never heard their music before.

A young Youtuber named Jayy filmed a reaction video of hearing “Unchained Melody” for the first time. As the 1965 performance of Bobby Hatfield’s singing begins, Jayy is instantly surprised at how impressive his vocals are.

Before the song ends, Jayy pauses the performance to say she’s pleasantly shocked and didn’t expect them to sound as good as they do. Who can blame her? The Righteous Brothers continue to make an impact on listeners to this day.