Young Woman Sits Face-To-Face With Elephant Calf. I Loved What Happened Next.

Being able to sit across from a creature of the African ecosystem – especially without having to be in a car or any other vehicle – is something that I’ve always wanted to do. Just to have them come over and take an interest in me would be something that would blow me away. There are limits though… I would never sit across from an adult hippo or rhino, of course. Living is still my top priority. This video of a young woman and several elephant calves is stunning to watch.

After a few seconds, the girl looks over at the person filming the encounter and says, “I think he discovered I have a nose.” The calf is befuddled at this development. “Wait a minute… this pink-skinned being has a mouth, but no trunk? How does she pick things up? I’m confused here… best thing for me to do is investigate more!” If there ever was an Elephant Detective, this calf would be Sherlock Holmes for the depth of his search.

The other elephants in the area don’t seem too bothered by what’s going on and the girl is really calm and collected. She doesn’t panic when the calf’s trunk might cover too much of her mouth and nose at one time, she just turns her head slightly and it slides off. I bet scientists would LOVE to be able to get brainwave readings of what this calf was thinking when doing this investigation of her face and other parts of her anatomy.

I just wanted to say that I wish I was the one sitting there in that video having all these cool younger elephants walking around me. Having a calf play with my face with its trunk would be so cool… well, as long as it didn’t sneeze. It would be so amazing to have three of them surrounding me like that. Though I would hope that they all know their strength. Death by accidental stampede by overjoyed elephants doesn’t seem like a very fun way to go.

What did you think? Have you already started looking for your credit card so that you can make a trip like this ?

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