If you’re going for a bike ride and your Great Dane gets tired…

Exercise can do wonders for your health; even a modest amount of walking every day will have a positive effect. There’s a man in Colorado who likes to go for bike rides on a local path — it’s great exercise and the scenery is fantastic, with views of nearby mountains. Often, his friend Luther will run along at his side as he bikes along the path. Luther, incidentally, is a Great Dane.

The history of the Great Dane goes back to the 1500s, when German noblemen started importing hunting dogs from England (typically a mix of English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds). Three centuries later, the breed (with German modifications) returned to England where it was known as the German Boarhound. Later in the 1800s, due to international political tensions, the breed was given a new, if artificial, nationality, becoming known as the Great Dane.

Great Danes are the biggest breed of dog there is. They’re also the tallest, the record-holder stood 44 inches — and that was at shoulder height! For all their size and background as fearsome hunting dogs, Great Danes are the ultimate gentle giants, friendly and easy-going. They’re so affectionate that they’ve earned the nickname “the world’s biggest lapdog.”

Luther’s human dad made a really nice video of the two of them enjoying some exercise on the bike path. The music is upbeat but then as Luther gets tired, it slows down. Fortunately, dad’s bike is towing a “Luther wagon.” The enormous dog simply hops aboard and enjoys the ride! At the end of the video, there’s a bonus: a small dog has been along for the ride, too — in dad’s backpack.

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