YouTube Superstar Volunteers At Dog Shelter. What He Does Next? I’m CRYING!

It’s tough for shelter dogs. On some level, they know they are there because someone didn’t want them. While they do get food and exercise, they have to sleep on a hard floor. Edge volunteered at a shelter and he noticed that the dogs were sad when they were asleep. You’d be pretty sad too if you had to sleep on the floor all the time. It’s got to be hard on their joint, just like sleeping on a sidewalk would be hard on yours. Edge wanted to see if he could change that dynamic.

So, what he did was visit a large warehouse-type store and he bought every doggie bed he could get his hands on. His car was jammed with those beds. He returned to the shelter and started giving the dogs their beds. The change in their demeanor was almost instantly noticeable. “Oh, wow! I’m getting a real bed! Wow! I can’t believe it! I better turn around three times just to make sure that I’m not dreaming.”

When you walk into a shelter with the thought of adopting a dog, you want a happy dog. You want one that pulls you in with its energy. It’s hard for a dog to be happy after spending hours sleeping on the floor. You’d be pretty cranky yourself. Now imagine you’re seeing a dog who’s slept in a comfortable bed. I bet those energy levels are now through the roof. There are two beneficiaries – the dog who gets adopted, and you, who are now bringing home a very happy dog.

Yes, shelters have to operate on a strict budget, oftentimes a bare bones one. It’s not that they WANT these animals to have to sleep on hard floors. They just don’t have the money to be going out to buy these beds. Other priorities are first… like buying food, medical care, and that pesky rental lease so they can keep the roof over the dogs’ heads. So maybe people could donate beds… there’s an idea. Do what you can to make a shelter dog happy today.

I loved this video. Seeing those dogs’ eyes light up was awesome. What did you think? Leave a comment below.

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