YouTuber “Wengie” TRENDS #1 with ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’

‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ By WengieChinese Australian YouTube superstar Wengie delivers a Christmas song that’s relatable, contemporary, and catchy. As Australia’s most popular YouTuber, this holiday music video proves exactly why this multi-talented personality has skyrocketed in popularity. You’ll be compelled to hear her current carol over and over again.

Wengie’s full name is Wendy Ayche, and this is her first seasonal track, song, and dance. It took over a week for the set, outfits, and decorations to be painted and prepared. Fans can look forward to a behind the scenes video that takes you through all the magic.

Once you’ve heard and seen Wengie sing and dance her way into holiday history, her hit song ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ might just become a part of your romantic Xmas playlist. It gives us all a fun way to approach the holidays shared with a loved one, carrying a heart full of love and nothing but joy to share.

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