The Animals at The Zoo Have so Much Fun on A Snow Day. So Cute!

A cold winter’s day in Oregon can mean many things, the first blizzard of the season has hit, and you are forced to stay at home. Getting to work is impossible; the kids can’t get to school, so what are you to do? Well for the residents of the “Oregon Zoo” there is only one thing to do, and that has a bit of frolicking-fun.

When the zoo was hit by a blizzard, it was closed to the public; there was so much snow that even the staff had to ski to get to work. When they arrived, they found that all of the animals were having a ball, just playing in the snow and enjoying the freedom that a quiet day gives them. The zoo has many security cameras placed around the grounds and shared what they caught on this very special day.

Now some of you may not have heard the joke about the father polar bear and his son sitting on an iceberg talking one day. The son says to his dad, “Dad, am I a real Polar bear”? His dad replies, “Yes, of course, you are, son” “Are you sure I don’t have some Black bear in me”? The son asks inquisitively, “No son, you are a full blood polar bear” “There’s no brown bear in me or maybe even Koala”? “No, son, YOU ARE A POLAR BEAR,” his dad replied angrily. “Then if I am a pure polar bear………..How come I’m so COLD”? It a fun joke, but as you will see in the clip below, polar bears just love to play in the snow.

These magnificent animals are just a pleasure to watch as they roll around and enjoy their environment. The playful seals are also having a ball with their keepers as they are fed and flop in-and-out of the icy water. It’s almost as if they know that they are having a visitor-free-day.

At one point, you will see two seals next to each other, and the most delightful thing happened when one of them gently strokes the others back in an obvious show of affection. But I think the most amazing and delightful thing about this clip is the Asian Elephant. Now, these giants-of-the-jungle very rarely, if ever, see this mystical white powder, so for “Samudra” this experience must have been amazing. She comes out of her enclosure very slowly, trying to figure out what all the white stuff on the ground is, but once she steps into it, the fun begins.

Animals are full of surprises and can delight us in many ways. You will love the vision of these fun-loving-creatures, enjoying themselves on a well-deserved day off.

The Animals at The Zoo Have so Much Fun on A Snow Day. So Cute!