Plants are fighting the war on pollution

Through multiple researches and studies it has been proved by experts that aerosols lower the temperature of the atmosphere as they reflect the rays of the sun making droplets of clouds, which proficiently reflect sunlight.

These aerosol particles are obtained in the atmosphere from numerous sources including human emissions too. However the impact of the biogenic aerosol which is sourced from the plants is still vague.


Axel Erlandson – A sculptor of live trees

Axel Erlandson is the sole individual whose work in the field of arborsculpture has been unsurpassed. With just a fourth grade schooling but with a resilient determination, Axel Erlandson has brought mammoth optimism for all ambitious arborsculptors.

He has designed over 55 exclusive grafted trees on the grounds of Tree Circus, which is the roadside charm alongside a tourist route to the ocean side of Santa Cruz, California; which he opened for tourists in 1947.