Guy cranks “Build Me Up Buttercup” from his car, stirs up hilarious sing-a-long with total stranger

Ever rock out in your car? Come on, you can tell me. We have ALL done it. You know, you hear that tune come on and you just have to sing along…

In the car is the only place that I will sing, and when I’m alone only. My voice is so terrible that I don’t even sing in the shower when no one is home for fear that someone could come in the house and be subject to such noise. It must be downright painful to be anywhere in earshot when I am singing. This is why I’m only an in the car kind of singer and even then I keep the windows rolled up tight and the air conditioning on full blast so even I can’t really hear it.  I wish that there were lessons that I could take for vehicle karaoke because it has been shown that people that sing in the car are enjoying a healthier life.  It seems that viral Youtuber TJ Smith has figured this out and has really run with it.

Not only does TJ Smith have the pipes to sound great while he’s singing along with his favorite tunes, he’s also got a knack for some incredible showmanship that has his fellow traffic beaters joining in with him. Just check out the infectious enthusiasm that this guy has even if you hate the song! This isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but it is quite difficult to be grumpy while listing to “Build Me Up Buttercup.” Please be safe out there if you decide to try this for yourself. It might be best to enjoy this guy have at it for your entertainment.

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