When Jonathan Winters Gives His Gloves To Robin Williams I Can’t Stop Laughing…Amazing

Here is undisputed King of Late Night Johnny Carson. Toward the end of this funny interview with Robin Williams fresh off of Mork and Mindy fame.

He was being his most manic and nutty self during the course of the interview. He and Johnny Carson were setting things up for the next guest, Jonathan Winters, one of the most legendary and most respected comedians of all time. You can tell that young Robin Williams absolutely adored him and loved his mentorship.

In very quick style typical of Robin, he told Johnny about the fun they had in the final season of Mork and Mindy when Jonathan came aboard the comedy series as the weird son of alien and human.

Jonathan Winters makes his spectacular entrance in a general’s outfit. There was another guest at the show, and you see them stand up and salute! The chemistry between the three masters of comedy is hard to miss. They all seem to riff of each other with amazing ease and it appears to be scripted but it’s clearly not.

Check out this amazing old clip below and see for yourself. If nothing else this is a great video for a good laugh and we all need that from time to time. Please share the video and then leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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