Crowd erupts at the mall when senior couple hears their favorite song and do the boogie-woogie

They were in the mall when they heard their favorite song and could not resist the call of the music. Who can blame them? It’s a Bruno Mars hit after all. That music will move you like it did this adorable senior couple in the video below.

I love when I get surprised by random ordinary people in the street. There are a lot of people who might not seem that they can do much or have a special talent, but then out of the blue, they go out there and surprise you. I’ve seen a lot of street performers outside subways stations and at parks, and some of them sound so good, they could be pros.

I remember once seeing these break dancers on the street. They made me remember watching a movie called ‘breakdance’ a while ago and I swear these guys danced like the ones from the movie. With many different dance moves and flips to do, breakdancing has become a lot more exciting than before. There’s even a world championship that takes place every year where country competes against a country to see who’s got the better dance squad.

SIMON SAYS: This 12-year-old’s dance performance is “one of the best I’ve ever seen on the show.”

Besides break dancers, I have also seen saxophone players. There was a very good one at one of the subway stations in New York City. He was a guy probably in his 40s that would play wearing a very peculiar hat. It kind of reminded me of Kenny G, do you remember him? As soon as he started playing, a large group of people started gathering. He played everything from classic blues songs to contemporary music.

The people in the next video also surprised me. They are a senior couple who went shopping at their local mall. Once there, they heard their favorite song and couldn’t help but bust a few moves.

At first, I thought they would dance all cute and stuff but after a few seconds, I realized that they’re actually very good. But don’t take my word for it, click on the video and check them out!