Senior couple hears their favorite song in the mall and they head to the dance floor!

I love when I get surprised by random ordinary people in the street. There are a lot of people who might not seem that they can do much or have a special talent, but then out of the blue, they go out there and surprise you. I’ve seen a lot of street performers outside subways stations and at parks, and some of them sound so good, they could be pros.

I remember once seeing these break dancers on the street. They made me remember watching a movie called ‘breakdance’ a while ago and I swear these guys danced like the ones from the movie. With many different dance moves and flips to do, breakdancing has become a lot more exciting than before. There’s even a world championship that takes place every year where country competes against a country to see who’s got the better dance squad.

Besides break dancers, I have also seen saxophone players. There was a very good one at one of the subway stations in New York City. He was a guy probably in his 40s that would play wearing a very peculiar hat. It kind of reminded me of Kenny G, do you remember him? As soon as he started playing, a large group of people started gathering. He played everything from classic blues songs to contemporary music.

I also got the chance to see a man who had a very original standup act. He said he was heading for the big stage when drugs took control of his life. Drugs cost him his family, his career, and even his house. He has been living in the street since 1995 and was trying to make a comeback from it all. He made me remember Chris Rock with his act minus the cursing.

Finally, I saw a very good human statue act. You know how those people paint themselves all metallic and stuff, and then not move for extended periods of time? I saw one guy like them outside a park. He was wearing a cowboy hat and boots, cowboy clothes and wasn’t moving an inch. You could also take a picture with him and looked exactly like a statue.

The people in the next video also surprised me. They are an elderly couple who went shopping at their local mall. Once there, they heard their favorite song and couldn’t help but bust a few moves. At first, I thought they would dance all cute and stuff but after a few seconds, I realized that they’re actually very good. But don’t take my word for it, click on the video and check them out!