Two Truckers Started To Cry, And When You Find Out Why? You’ll Crack Up! LOL!

YouTube is the greatest invention since slice bread. It would not surprise me to learn that YouTube was the reason that NFL ratings were down sharply this year.

While satellite and cable TV providers boast about hundreds of channels, there are literally millions of channels on YouTube! It is a labyrinth but there are gems everywhere, something for everyone.

There’s now even an official channel of The Carol Burnett Show on YouTube. It’s so great to revisit parts and parcels of this special show over time. What we have here is a particularly funny sketch called Tough Truckers. This clip had me grinning and laughing from start to finish!

The two tough truckers are Harvey Korman as Pete and Tim Conway as Hank. Hank will be formalizing his divorce tomorrow while Pete had been divorced for a year. As soon as Pete and Hank entered the diner they flirted mercilessly with the waitress Sally, played by Vicki Lawrence.

There are dialogues so cheesy here that they are actually funny! “Your two boyfriends are back,” said Pete. “Don Juan and Don half a Juan,” replied Sally.

Pretty good, huh? When you begin to realize that these two tough-talking truckers are in fact softies on the inside, you’ll feel bad for them but still you can’t help laughing at them. There are so many moments in this clip that are poignant and hilarious at the same time.

This sketch is way recommended! It’ll cheer you up and motivate and light some fire under you.

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