10-Year-Old’s Spell-Binding ‘Hallelujah’ is Giving the Internet Goosebumps

ViolinistAt just ten years old, Karolina Protsenko is already a 4-year veteran when it comes to playing the violin.

10 Year Old Violinist

By choice, every free moment she has had over these tender years she has spent playing her beloved instrument.

There is no doubt that her diligence and passion has paid off. She is considered to be a violin prodigy by musical experts all around the world.

Every one of her performances is incredible. Her sweetness and charm make for a delightful stage presence, worth watching. Her parents should be so very proud to have raised such a sweet little human being. Let’ hope she never loses her charm.

Only a few people can play the violin as well as she does, adults or children! Watch this video to see and hear Karolina perform this spectacular version of Leonard Cohen’s hit “Hallelujah.”

10-Year-Old\'s Spell-Binding \'Hallelujah\' is Giving the Internet Goosebumps