When Those 12 Horses Started Running At That Man, I Was Terrified. But Then He Did THIS!

Lorenzo is a French equestrian artist who is often nicknamed “the flying horseman.” His unique routines have impressed millions of people and he has traveled all over the world as a featured performer too. Most of us can’t even saddle a horse properly, but Lorenzo on the other hand had started trick riding on his pony when he was only six years old! The clip below features some of his mind-blowing tricks!

In this video, Lorenzo shows us some of his signature moves. He and his gorgeous horses did this routine in Camargue , in the South of France. It is an aerial shoot and it is titled “Eyes in Air.” A lot of trust is required when performing such a meticulous routine, and you can see that these horses trust Lorenzo with all their hearts, and vice versa!

At one point in the video, all twelve horses are running straight at Lorenzo at full speed. It made me nervous just watching it, but when they reached their beloved trainer, they stopped and formed a circle around him with such grace and ease. I couldn’t believe it.

None of the horses are wearing any gear, like a saddle. One piece of gear is required and that is a bit and bridle, because Lorenzo rides while standing, one foot on the back of each horse, while steering the two in the middle. The other run alongside and none of them misses a beat. Incredible.

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