12-Year-Old Pitbull Briggs, Is The Happiest New York Hound Around. His Smile Is PRICELESS!

There are those who aim to conquer their situations. Those who are determined to make sure that come tooth or nail, they will succeed and they will make their mark on the world. It may not always be as easy as that, but if you have aspirations, goals, dreams- those intangible things can lead you out of darkness and help you find the path you need to be on to achieve your wildest desires.

Yet, it can be hard when you are starting from the bottom. When you are homeless, abandoned by those who swore to protect you and care for you. Some never recover from this, but when we meet Briggs, we get to witness one of the amazing stories of someone making it to the other side of unpleasantness to true fulfilment and completion. It’s not something you see every day, but when you gaze upon someone truly happy, it seems to shine through into your soul and make a home that both of you can share.

Even after a rough few years, living on the streets, relying on the kindness of others, Briggs found his forever home, he found his happiness that he had always been searching for. His happy ending came true and when you see the almost permanent smile stuck so willingly on his face, I’m sure you will be flabbergasted at how amazingly happy the love and care one person can provide can really make a giant impact in someone’s life.

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