12 year-old ventriloquist has puppet sing a love song for a blushing Simon

Ventriloquism isn’t for dummies: it takes a lot of talent and a lot of practice to do it well. By the tender age of 12, Darci Lynne Farmer, a young lady from Oklahoma, had already mastered the art. She proved it on the popular reality show “America’s Got Talent.” Darci Lynne and her puppets joked and sang their way from one round to the next, defeating a slew of worthy competitors and ultimately taking the top prize: a million dollars and her own headline show in Las Vegas.

In the semi-final, Darci Lynne introduced a new puppet: Edna, a saucy old lady with a flower in her hat band and a cane she uses like a weapon. This talented youngster has her routines begin with comedic banter between herself and her puppets and then she has the puppets “sing.” The source of comedy this time around was Edna’s obsession with Simon Cowell, a handsome Englishman who’s also one of the judges. The first thing Edna wanted to know wass, “Where’s that Simon fella?” Once she found him, she flirted shamelessly, getting some laughs from the audience and making poor Simon turn slightly red. When it was time to cue up the music, Edna announced, “Simon, my hunka hunka Englishman, this one’s for you!”

Appropriately enough, Edna “sang” Aretha Franklin’s 1967 hit “(You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.” The really amazing thing is how Darci Lynne can belt out an exuberant song like this without moving her lips. But it was Edna who really stole the show this time. “You know what, Darci? Take me down to Simon.” The audience was beside itself with hooting while Edna was taken over to Simon for some snuggling. Afterward, Simon confessed, “Edna, I’ve got a bit of a crush on you.” But he added, “Darci, you are in big trouble. But that aside, This was brilliant.”

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