12-year-old Welsh girl performs incredible Whitney Houston hit

Maia Gough singing on BGT

When Maia Gough stepped onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, the judges didn’t think that a 12-year-old girl from South Wales could sing anything special enough to wow them.

Well, they were in for a surprise. As the sweet girl rattled off all the family members that were present with her at the audition to support her, the judges just saw a sweet girl.

When Maia indicates that her song of the night is “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston, some of the judges seem skeptical that this 12-year-old will make the song justice as it is an emotionally charged tune.

Maia Gough singing on BGT

For those of you that don’t know, the song in question initially has Whitney Houston soulfully singing about a love interest that doesn’t want to stay with her, so she will do anything to make the partner stay.

In the end, a theme not usual for a typical 12-year-old. However, as Maia takes the stage and begins to belt out the first lyrics of the song, all the doubts start to fade away.

As the young girl gives an emotional performance, the judges’ faces seem to change from disinterest to bewilderment. Who knew that this 12-year-old could belt out such a soulful tune?

By the end of her audition, Maia has gained appreciation and yeses from all four judges. Even having the previously doubtful Simon Cowell indicate that she was one to remember.

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