120-pound Pitbull loves to flop into hammock after long day babysitting


Pitbulls are usually known for being quite large. For this 120-pound Pitbull, it turns out that his best friends are actually a fraction of his size, but he doesn’t seem to mind!

Pitbull and puppy

Atlas, the 120 Pitbull, has a variety of small friends that he considers some of his closest. Atlas is truly a gentle giant: a little puppy, a baby bird, a turtle, a couple of kittens, and more.

It’s fantastic to see the interaction between the kittens and Atlas. Typically, cats and dogs are known to have a slightly rocky relationship, but that’s not true for this group.

Pitbull and kitten

Playing, rubbing, and brushing up on one another, the 120-pound Pitbull and single-digit pound baby kittens are in absolute heaven when they’re around one another. Whoever said opposites attract was right!

Acting as a father figure for the other adopted animals, Atlas holds toys to chew on and assists in their playful antics. Atlas has such a beautiful, nurturing nature to him.

Pitbull and puppy

Being a foster dad with so many small and playful animals can be highly exhausting. After a long workday, Atlas has found his perfect escape—a hammock.

Bringing all of his favorite toys like his soccer ball and football, Atlas seems to have it made in the shade with his hammock escape. Even the most hard-working creatures need a break sometimes!

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120-pound Pitbull loves to flop into hammock after long day babysitting