1976 Live Performance of Willie Nelsons’ “Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” Has Fans Feeling Wistful

There aren’t many things that are as good as a throwback to a beloved country song. Willie Nelson is known for his unique voice, wholesome attitude, and incredible live performances.

In 1976, the legendary country musician played at the popular music festival, Austin City Limits. The then 43-year-old singer sported a cowboy hat, American guitar strap, and his trusty acoustic.

The crowd of eager fans instantly applauded before Nelson even started singing. He humbly thanked them before beginning his classic tune, “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.” It makes us wonder what it was like to see this in person.

Willie sings the love song without missing a beat. His smooth vocals and groovy guitar picking make it hard not to wear out the “repeat” button. As the song came to a close, the audience erupted with applause for the iconic performer.