2 Feral Cats Reunited and Wouldn’t Let Go of Each Other, Here’s Their Story

Feral cats are tricky. There are some who do still harbor some capacity for trusting humans and then there are others who want nothing to do with them. Of course, rescuers want to help as many of them as they can, but these cats have sharp claws and teeth and can use them to prove their point that they want to be left alone. But there are some remarkable stories waiting to be told with these cats – like we see here about two that were found in a feral cat colony that had over 200 kitties.

Rescuers found a very pregnant Neelix, who gave birth to a litter of kittens. She was still wary of humans, so she was left alone with her kittens. They also took a cat named Maravel who showed some possibilities of being domesticated. Neelix did eventually seem to be coming around, but would she prefer other feline companionship or would she rather be alone? Only time would tell.

Maravel was becoming more and more accustomed to being around people, showing social behavior towards them. The people at the shelter then decided to pair him up with Neelix, who was still recovering from being spayed. Well, to say that they hit it off is an understatement. They became inseparable, and they ultimately were adopted as a pair by a couple. Here’s to their new home!

There was something just a wee bit disconcerting when I first read that there were 200 cats in this colony. Imagine walking in there? That’s 400 pairs of eyes staring at you! That’s just during the day! At night, those glowing eyes. Eek. I’m glad that Maravel and Neelix got a forever home together. This shows that even feral cats can be loving to humans and be loved by them. I hope more cats get adopted because of this video.

Have you had any success stories with feral cats? Hearing about them totally make our days. Please tell us about it in the comments section!

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