While These 2 Horses Were Splashing In A Pond, They Discovered A Cool New Trick! WHOA

There’s no better way to chill and have fun on a hot and sunny day than getting in the water to splash about with your friends. I’ve seen horses who are fond of water and baths before, but I never saw anything that came close to this! In the video that we featured for you just below, you can see two horse buddies enjoying themselves in a small pond after their owner took them for a relaxation walk. You’ll want to dip yourself in the water too, after you see these two.

The video was recorded in Osgoode, Ontario, and it shows a very peculiar trick that these horses discovered while refreshing in the water. They love it not only because it keeps the flies away, but also because it brings them a relief after carrying their weight on their standing legs for too long. After splashing about for a few seconds, before realizing that they can make bubbles by blowing air underwater!

It’s amazing to watch! It’s always beautiful to watch pretty animals enjoying themselves without a worry in their mind. I wanna splash in the water too, now!

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