2 Women See A Scared Pup In A Junkyard. Then They Decide To Scan For A Microchip

Statistics about lost pets and downright scary . It has been estimated that 1 in 10 pets will go missing at some point in their life. Thankfully, the majority of pets find their way back home to their loved ones, but many don’t. Recently however, the amount of pets returning home has increased, which may be due to microchips being used more widely to identify pets. Introduced a few years ago, not many pets were microchipped and many vets and shelters lacked the technology to scan the chips. Today microchip technology is readily available and much more inexpensive.

Personally, I use GPS tracking and microchip each of my dogs. But, even the GPS technology has its faults. Limited battery life is a problem with the trackers and if my dogs were to get lost for more than a couple of days, the microchip is what would identify them. In addition, if they happen to lose their collars, they will have also lost their trackers. I hope that they never find themselves lost but it’s their chips that would help them come home.

This is the story about a microchip that helped Bear come home. Bear, a rescue dog, took off after a bad a car accident. His owners looked for him but sadly came up empty. Along came two good Samaritans that began to feed a stray in a junkyard. They fed him for 13 months when a rescue group finally helped the two women capture Bear. When Bear was scanned with a microchip reader they were all very surprised to learn that he belonged to a loving family that missed him. Bear was away from his family for over a year when he made his triumphant return!

Check out the emotional reunion in the clip below and get your box of tissues out. Please enjoy and share the clip if you like it and leave your comments below.


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