Rosy-Cheeked 2-Year-Old is Delighted When Soldier Daddy Surprises Her

This video was originally uploaded to, a website dedicated to surprise homecoming videos of returning service members. It is a wonderful showcase of the reunion of our brave service members with their family and friends. It is updated every day.

There are a lot of touching surprise reunions with the service member’s pets, especially dogs. That’s to be expected – dogs are silly and affectionate animals. But, the most popular surprise videos are ones in which the service member surprises his or her child.


Is there anything as sweet as a soldier coming home to their baby or babies? They are all tear-jerkers, in my opinion. This video clip is no exception.

Daddy has come home and is picking up his 2-year-old daughter from daycare. This little sweetie is so precious when she sees her daddy and wants to make sure everyone knows who he is and that he is there. Enjoy this sweet reunion – this little one is daddy’s girl, indeed.