28 Years Later, Martina McBride Is Still Madly In Love With Her Husband And She Put It In Song!

Three years before releasing her first single, Martina McBride was busy tying the knot with the love of her life. In 1988, Martina married John McBride, at the time a sound engineer, and began a marriage that has lasted over three decades.

Better yet, the two are still madly in love, even after all these years. All you have to do is look at Martina’s most recent single, “Reckless”, to see that. When interviewed by Access Hollywood, she said the song was a love letter to her husband.

“For loving me the way you do,” she sings, “I know I’m reckless, but you must be reckless, too.”

The two met when Martina was only 20 years old, early in 1987, and started dating soon after. By May of that year they were engaged, and married about a year later.

Now, three decades on and the pair are more in love than ever. As John told TheBoot.com, “I’m not a religious guy, but I always felt God put us together, it’s crazy. I’d never had that feeling before. This girl – she’s incredible! And I love her more [now] than I ever have.”

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