3-week old kitten is lost – you won’t believe what is taking care of the hungry animal!

Since the beginning of time, or at least since the first birds flew and cats walked on the earth, those two creatures have harboured a serious dislike for one another. You only have to watch one of the hundreds of cartoons of Sylvester chasing Tweety Pie to understand that they’re not friends, nor are they ever likely to be friends. Which is what makes this footage all the more remarkable. This is the incredible story of Moses the crow and Cassie the cat!

Wally and Ann Collito from North Attleboro, Massachusetts regularly used to sit out on their back porch and watch the world go by. For all of their lives, the couple had been animal lovers but they couldn’t have imagined what they would witness on one such occasion when they were enjoying the sunshine in the garden. A young kitten – not much more than 3-week’s old, had stumbled into the yard, looking lost and hungry. But this little furball wasn’t alone – its companion had feathers!

The couple were astounded to see a crow was actually taking care of the kitten! Every single day they would be there, side by side, with the crow feeding the kitten anything he could find in order to sustain her. Wally and Ann couldn’t believe their eyes, and they telephoned the local veterinarian to report the incredible sighting. They didn’t believe it either!

The local vet told Ann Collito that she must video this extraordinary meeting, otherwise, she’d have a hard time convincing anyone that it took place. So, this she did, and over the course of the next few weeks she recorded the footage you’re about to watch and it really must be seen to be believed! She named the kitten Cassie and the crow Moses, and the two of them were inseparable as they played together and ate together – rarely leaving each other’s sides!

Usually mortal enemies – and now the best of friends, their relationship went on to inspire a popular children’s book retelling their unbelievable story!

Although this video is dated now, the message is still the same and it’s a beautiful story of love, care and friendship. An attempt was made to track the animals down, but regardless of their fates, we could all learn a lot from Cassie and Moses. Just because we’re all different, doesn’t mean we have to fight all the time! Don’t miss this incredible and heart-warming footage.