4-Yr-Old Went In Front Of The Congregation. Just Wait Till You Hear Him Sing! WOW!

This video is shot during a live band congregational hymn singing at New Hope Baptist Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was posted by Richard Serrano, father of the 4-year-old singer Caleb Tyler Serrano. In a very short while it went viral on YouTube and Facebook.

Caleb loves to sing, so why not sing something to praise the lord at church? He sang a totally awesome version of “This Little Light of Mine”. He showed off his breath and vocal range right away! Caleb was just as comfortable singing backup during the chorus like an old pro.

“This Little Light of Mine” was a gospel song written by Avis Burgeson Christiansen in 1939. It a popular song in pop culture that can be heard in a number of movies and TV series and has been covered by big names like Ray Charles, Bruce Springsteen, and The Everly Brothers.

Not too many people, adults or children, can match Caleb’s joy and pride in singing about this light from the Man above. All of Caleb’s brothers and sisters in Christ absolutely loved it. A friend of his father, Willie Jones, wrote this on Facebook about Caleb: “This little guy stole the floor at New Hope. Yes he did indeed.”

“Let It Shine” and “Shine Your Light” are popular phrases in gospel songs. It can be found in both the most obvious and the most unexpected places, including in the song “Precious Angel” in one of the best gospel albums of the past 50 years, Slow Train Coming by the chameleon-like recording artist Bob Dylan.