42 easy-to-do hacks that will keep you from busting your bank

Have you ever asked yourself, why didn’t I think of that? I sure have. Ever since computer hackers started solving everyday problems using simple solutions, the word “hack” was coined. Today, the word “hack” is used to describe a simple solution that is both cheap and effective. It used to be that only a selected number of people had this knowledge and the only way to find about it would be, to be related to one of them.

Now, the chances of knowing someone who knew how to solve a few of these problems were slim. I remember the feeling of empowerment and wisdom you would get with learning about a secret way of solving problems. I have many things to fix when I was in school and I wasn’t very good at it. In those days, it was everything from keeping my backpack clean and organized to completing homework quickly.

One of the problems we face on an everyday basis is stains. One thing is getting stains on your carpet that you can just pour vinegar on and get them out. What about getting permanent marker on several surfaces? I mean, they’re called ‘permanent’ for a reason, they tend to stick around for a long time.

If you own a whiteboard, you either have mistakenly used permanent marker on it or have had one of your children practice their drawing on it only to leave it ruined. It used to be that upon getting home to that, one would try all sorts of fluids that would end up ruining the whiteboards finish and leaving it useless. Well, worry no more, this simple hack doesn’t need you to buy anything. In fact, if you own a whiteboard, you already have this. Just cover all the permanent marker lines with a whiteboard marker, it can be any color. Then, just erase what you covered, and you will find that along with the whiteboard marker, you will have erased the permanent marker lines as well.

How about permanent marker on ceramic tile? Sound familiar? One day, I left my kids unattended for a couple of minutes, only to come back to the bathroom and find they had started to decorate the bathroom tile with smileys. I was about to break out all the heavy stuff when I discovered this hack on the Internet. Just apply a bit of toothpaste as to cover it and scrub away using a regular toothbrush. In a few seconds, you will find that the ‘art’ will have disappeared, leaving your tiles looking sparkling clean.

Would you like to learn 40 other simple hacks? Sit down and prepare yourself to be amazed at how easily these common occurrences can be solved using things you already have in your own home!