5 Yr Old With Cerebral Palsy Rarely Responded To ANYTHING. But When He Heard THIS Song! WHOA!

AJ Stafford is a five-year-old that suffers from some medical conditions. His primary diagnoses is cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He can’t talk or walk or roll over or sit up on his own. His mom Stephanie says that all of his needs are taken care of by her and her husband Andy. It is usually hard to recognize how AJ is feeling since his responses are quite subtle. But one day around last year, something special happened that changed all of that.

When they were on their way home from vacation, Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” blared through the speakers. And that’s when little AJ got really vocal and thrilled. His parents had never seen him react like that before. They were giddy with happiness. He had never shown that much emotion towards anything, although he does like to interact and get attention from his older sister.

Apparently when AJ heard he song, he started dancing. And you can see him dance in the video when he hears the song. His dad says Sarah Bareilles is responsible for AJ’s happy feet, and they certainly are in this video.

At the end of this clip, it is very touching to see AJ and his sister together and his mom says that she just hopes he is happy and enjoying life. He sure seems to be, and I hope he is too.

They posted the video on social media hoping that Sara would somehow see how she got through to him and connect with their little kid. According to Sara’s Twitter, she has been trying to connect with the family now.

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