This 6 Month Old Kitten Is VERY Thrilled To Say Hello To His New Best Friend! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!

If you consider yourself a cat person, you’re going to love the video that we brought for you today. There are thousands and thousands of cat enthusiasts all over the world, and I don’t know about you, but I consider myself one of them. And I have a very special place in my heart for very small kittens, there’s just nothing that I consider better in the whole entire world!

This exotic kitten is of the Shorthair breed, and his name is Jumbo Pillow. He can be seen in the following video playing with his best friend in the world, Cooper. He in turn is a orange and white Persian, and his beauty is something to admire. Cooper is the elder brother when it comes to the family, and when Jumbo Pillow was brought home for the first time, it was natural that they met for the first time.

He’s just a very tiny kitten, and the way that he meows melts my heart completely. He wants to receive more attention from Cooper, and it’s almost like he already considers him his older brother. I think these two are the cutest cat couple I’ve ever seen!

Watch this two cats meet each other for the first time in the adorable video right below.

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