700 Days Ago, He Weighed 700 Pounds. But What He Did To Himself… INSPIRATIONAL!

Ronnie Bower weighed nearly 700 pounds (approximately 318 kg) about 3 years ago. Because of his drug and alcohol addiction he didn’t have a job. His big stature left him tied to his home. His doctors were sure that he could lose his life by 35 due to his obesity. Having heard their prognosis, Ronnie decided to change. This deplorable news motivated him to lose weight, and one of the major factors to help him was Taylor Swift’s music.

Ronnie created this video to encourage people and also he was hoping that with the help of this video he could get a chance to meet Taylor at her concert. Unfortunately he didn’t get a chance to meet her, though he says the concert was wonderful. Ronnie’s will power and his persistence deserve to be praised. His weight-loss journey lasted 700 days. In the beginning it was very hard, but he improved with time. He went towards his aim no matter what and just look at him now! This guy is an inspiration!

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