80-year-old pulls an all-nighter at animal shelter to adopt prized pup

Jean Plant from Bakersfield, California, loved dogs and wanted to adopt a 4-year-old little Shih Tzu. When asked by a news reporter why she wanted that particular dog, she told them, “Big, brown eyes and she was soaking wet at the time, I fell in love.”

Jean wanted to adopt the dog immediately, but the little one was not available for adoption that day. So she had to wait for almost a week to get her adopted. However, the shelter owners said the adoptions happen on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The 80-year-old woman thought that she would miss the opportunity of adopting her dream dog, as the Shih Tzu was drawing a lot of attention already. So many people wanted to adopt her. So, she decided to come back as soon as she could.

Jean decided to wait outside the shelter on Monday night and pulled an all-nighter along with her niece. She parked her car outside the animal shelter and waited by the door so that she would be the first one to enter the animal shelter.

She waited for 9 long hours in front of the animal shelter. Finally, when Jean entered the animal shelter in the morning, she was so happy to get the opportunity of adopting the Shih Tzu.
Jean was delighted to meet her dog, even after the dizzying, sleepless hours she spent outside the shelter. She even decided to name her new pet dog Lily. The reunion was worth it.

Jean told the news reporters, “It feels like heaven!” After the whole process of adoption got finalized, the dog lover was ready to take her new pet, Lily, to her forever home.

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